Meet our people: Justin Wigg

In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results.

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It’s a big role but I’m passionate about giving our people every opportunity to have a brilliant career here!

Justin Wigg

Delivery Services Manager | Friend To All | Music Lover

We know there’s one thing that really sets us apart: our people. In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results and show you what really makes us tick.

Hi, my name is Justin Wigg I am the Delivery Services Manager with the National Delivery Services team in Australia. I’m responsible for making sure that we have the right people allocated to work on our customer projects, that we have the right tools and techniques for our people to use, hiring the people we need, and developing their talents to make sure everyone can flourish and do the best work of their career at DB Results! It’s a big role, but I’m passionate about giving our people every opportunity to have a brilliant career here!

Every day is an adventure, and that gives me a real adrenaline rush! Consulting is a dynamic field because you’re dealing with change and an ever-evolving set of needs, so you never know what to expect each day. I absolutely love that kind of energy because who wants to do the same thing every single day? There is no cookie cutter, no precedent, no guarantee of success. You need to trust your instinct, use your experience and be brave! Don’t pretend to know it all but try to learn it all.

I’m lucky to be a specialist in a few things. I know our people, how we develop them, and how we give them some certainty in they career development.  I’m an experienced Project Manager and Cutover Manager as well, so there’s a lot of arrows in this quiver! More than anything though I hope that people come to me because they know they have someone they can test their ideas with and get some solid feedback on how to approach almost any situation. In fact, the best part of my job is getting to help others achieve their goals.

There are a few things I’ve been exceptionally proud of. Some are project outcomes for our customers, some are training offerings we have delivered, and some are internal planning work. But they all have a common theme – working with exceptional people. There’s something about being part of a great team. Often you can’t explain it, or how it happened, but you just know you’re part of something great, and that’s a fantastic feeling.

One of the most enjoyable projects I’ve been a part of was at a Geelong-based water utility that led to my family moving to the Surf Coast which was a huge reward. The Power of Choice project at Energy Australia in 2017 was an incredible team and delivering projects at NDIS that resulted in real changes and benefits in the lives of those living with disability was a great feeling. I’ve been able to do so much at DB Results. I’m truly lucky.

I’m a father of two (nearly) adult daughters who are 18 and 21, so I’m just emerging from the demands of teenage school and sport, my beautiful wife and I now have the chance to rediscover each other. We enjoy camping a lot, hikes, and spending time with our crazy Weimaraner puppy!

 I used to be a musician for a living (a very long time ago!) so playing or listening to music is often a hobby, and my perfect Sunday morning is bacon and eggs on toast with an espresso, and a long walk on our local beach with the dog. We’re lucky to live on the Surf Coast of Victoria and I try to never take that for granted.

When I was still a musician in the late 90s, my band was the opening act for Van Halen on their first tour of Australia. They were idols of mine growing up so that was a very special moment.

After my music career I was an Oracle database developer, then ran application support teams, got into Project Management, and now find myself helping run Delivery Services. I have always wanted to try new things.

I’m a huge space nerd and can recite trivia about all kinds of manned space exploration programs from the earliest days of the 1960s through to the current programs on the International Space Station. Don’t ask me why, I just love that stuff!

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