Change through technology

Through technology we can change the world

There’s only so much a dollar can do. In addition to donating profits to
worthy causes, we’ve developed technology that changes the world.
Our solutions and products have improved the health of thousands,
made jobs easier for essential workers and helped create a more sustainable planet.

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    $ 2.8 M+

    donated to philanthropic causes in 2023

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    hands-on community programs activated

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    of philanthropic initiatives supported

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A healthier, greener society

We’ve used technology to transform two of the most important global sectors – healthcare and sustainability. Our products help save lives and create a more liveable, eco-conscious community.

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Connecting people

Our products enhance the power of human connection. We’ve created more-connected relationships between employers and staff, patients and health professionals and even friends and family members throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Achieving purpose and performance

Doing good doesn't have to mean sacrificing results. Many of our projects exceed customer goals while also helping society.

Change through our own products and solutions

We’ve proved that technology can make the world a better place. The scalability and power of an innovative product can outweigh the impact of a simple donation. That’s why we’ve used our expertise to craft solutions that fill gaps across philanthropy and sustainability.

Smarter Home Energy Management Solution (SHEMS)

Our innovative Smart Home Energy Management Solution (SHEMS) is changing how we use energy. It intelligently manages household electrical loads to boost efficiency and sustainability.

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We developed a peer-to-peer digital portal for not-for-profit organisation Hand-n-Hand. Designed during the Covid-19 pandemic, it provides expert, safe and private mental health support for frontline healthcare workers.

Melbourne Alive

We designed a mobile app to keep the Melbourne community safely connected during Covid-19. Melbourne Alive allowed businesses and individuals to exchange contact details quickly and securely.

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The MiOK portal is the ultimate merging of our health expertise and our technological skills. It gives employees the tools to monitor their mental health and wellbeing and allows employers to truly be there for their team.

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Wellness+ is all about empowering employers to support, connect with and inform their team. It allows employees to feel cared for and ensure they have the resources to put their mental wellbeing first.

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Change through our customer projects

Doing good for the world doesn’t have to mean sacrificing performance. Many of the solutions we deliver for our customers improve profitability and efficiency, while also helping society. In fact, more businesses are discovering that incorporating philanthropy into their business plans can boost overall results.


Taking healthcare on the road

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A life-changing telehealth solution - delivered fast

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Enhancing employee connectedness in aged care

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