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We’re sustainable at every step

A global issue requires global action. Sustainability is about more than just remembering to turn off the lights in our office. Our strategies, decisions, research and internal culture all keep environmental impact top of mind. We promote sustainable practices across every part of our business, carry these over to our customer projects, and take part in community and global sustainability movements.

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Acting sustainably on every level

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    We start with ourselves

    Every DB Results team member takes individual steps to be sustainable in their day-to-day work life. This includes using public transport and carpooling to get to work, using virtual meeting technology to avoid travelling to in-person meetings, minimising corporate and air travel, and going paperless where possible.

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    …and our offices

    Each DB Results office across the globe follows a framework that keeps our operations as eco-friendly as possible. This includes employing strict waste and water-saving measures, using sustainable stationery, repurposing outdated technology and more.

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    Through our projects

    Our smart metering strategies and Smart Home Energy Management Solution (SHEMS) have brought more sustainable practices to the utilities sector, while projects like our government agency sustainability tool have helped deliver both value and energy savings.

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    Through community and global movements

    We actively seek out and donate money, time and skills to environmental causes. Some community and global movements we’ve contributed to include R U OK?, Bush Heritage Australia and Thread Together.

Sustainable solutions

We consider the planet in the ways we work, and even produce outcomes that help people live more sustainably. Our eco-friendly solutions and strategies have made sustainable actions become the norm across home energy management.

Smarter Home Energy Management Solution (SHEMS)

Our innovative Smart Home Energy Management Solution (SHEMS) intelligently manages the electrical load of your home devices, forecasts the areas where you’re generating excess power and sends that power to where it can be best used.

SelfServe® Portal

The SelfServe® Portal allows utilities customers to view their energy usage, compare it to previous years, determine peak usage times and discover ways to conserve energy in the future.

Click here to visit our SelfServe® Portal
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Sustainability Committee

Our DB Results Sustainability Committee looks for ways to make our internal operations more sustainable. It also seeks out ways to make our projects more efficient, so we can use fewer resources to achieve the same high-quality outcomes.

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