Meet our people: Guillaume Robins

In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results.

We know there’s one thing that really sets us apart: our people. In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results and show you what really makes us tick.

Bonjour, my name is Guillaume.  I’m originally from France where my name is quite common, but here in Australia I simply go by G (like the letter).

I am an Executive Consultant at DB Results’ Sydney office.  Although I wear a few hats, my main focus is on Delivery and supporting sales in Utilities, Financial Services and Digital Delivery.  Currently I am a Delivery Executive for a large general insurer company focussing on their migration project between 2 platforms mainly around cross platform management for outbound documents and Data & Reporting.

My role requires a lot of coordination between teams; therefore, I spend a lot of my time in meetings, talking to people and focussing on what needs to be resolved in order to keep on progressing. I also shape deals and sales activities for other accounts.

Prior to DB Results I had always been in IT delivery, either as a product vendor or as a system integrator. I did Logistics for a supermarket chain, LPG delivery (Oil and Gas industry), Utilities, Mining and Financial services. Wow, I’ve seen many changes in the industry!

I really enjoy working at a boutique consulting company such as DB Results both for the customers and also for us as employees. My favourite part of working at DB Results is working together and socialising as a team.  Being that I’m in the office every day and have a view of several accounts and projects, people come to me for mentorship and coaching which face to face engagement in the office allows me to do.

Other than the amazing comradery at DB Results my most rewarding moment was working on my first set of digital projects where I realised, we were the ones doing the cool stuff!

17 years ago, I left France (with only my backpack) to explore Australia and I haven’t stopped exploring since! Leaving France and rebuilding a life in a country so far away has created endless opportunities and I’m proud to say it has been my greatest personal achievement thus far.

One of my favourite parts of living in Australia is my growing interest in horticulture! I am currently operating and maintaining a macadamia nut farm and love it so much that I’m already looking into other nut growing options! So, I guess it’s safe to say I’m nuts about it!

If I’m not at DB Results or tending to my nut farm, you can find me in the kitchen preparing a fragrant French dish to share with friends.  In the winter months my favourite dish to prepare is boeuf bourguignon (slow cooked stew in wine sauce) and in the summer months a nice light Poulet basquaise (chicken and summer veggies).

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