Meet our people: Joel Kennedy

In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results.

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One thing I have enjoyed most since starting at DB Results has been running live demos of the platforms we have built. The thing that drives me is being able to be creative which is why I enjoy the UX/UI elements of my job.

Joel Kennedy

Lead Consultant | Marathoner | Board Game Designer

We know there’s one thing that really sets us apart: our people. In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results and show you what really makes us tick.


Hello, my name is Joel Kennedy and I am a Lead Consultant at DB Results.

I have been at DB Results since May 2021 working mainly in User Experience design. Currently, I’m working for a large life insurance company – we have built them a new ‘policy administration system’ to help them manage their customers.

Prior to the project, the client was using an old ‘mainframe’ system; picture a black screen with bright green text… and users could only navigate using hotkeys.

What we have done is build them a modern, web-based application with plenty of white space and easy point-and-click functionality.

It’s been an exciting project to be part of, and I know that the new system we have built them will make a huge difference! The beauty of the platform is that it can also be easily expanded upon to include additional products and customers – and in fact, the project I’m on now does just that.

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most since starting at DB Results has been the ability to use my creativity and my problem-solving skills at work.

Outside of work, I am an avid fan of playing – and designing – board games. Designing games is something I’ve done my whole life as a hobby.

I have my first game under contract for publication – slated for release in late 2023. I’m most excited for that moment when I see it on the shelf at my local game store. The game is a family friendly party game – it can be played by anyone and will appeal to people who are fans of the game Codenames.

Before I started at DB Results, I worked in Brand Management and marketing in the telecommunications industry. And prior to that I worked at News Corp – firstly as a journalist and then later selling advertising across their print and digital publications.

I try to learn something new every day – I enjoy watching TED talks, falling down a ‘Wikipedia hole’ or doing the daily quiz.

Additionally, I love hiking and running. In 2019, my wife Sarah and I climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! The summit – at 5,895 metres above sea level – literally sits above the clouds. It’s an out-of-this-world place – the oxygen is very thin up there and it looks more like the moon than a place on Earth!

And In 2017 we ran the New York Marathon. We were part of a group that helped raise more than $100,000 USD for Alzheimer’s research, which is a cause that I’m very passionate about.

Running through the streets of New York was an amazing experience. It’s the largest marathon in the world, with more than 65,000 runners and more than 2 million spectators! The energy you get from the crowds that line the streets is electrifying. That feeling of joy and relief that I felt crossing the finishing line in Central Park… that’s something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.


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