Meet our people: James McIntyre

In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results.

We know there’s one thing that really sets us apart: our people. In this series, we take you behind the scenes with people from all over DB Results and show you what really makes us tick. 

Hello, I’m James, I am an Executive Consultant at DB Results’ Melbourne office. I specialise in financial analysis and spreadsheet modelling. While my core skills are rooted in financial roles, I’ve ventured into diverse analytical areas.

Currently, my time is divided among several projects. I’m overseeing project financials for a busy initiative with a revised go-live date, contributing to VBA macro conversion for a client transitioning to a new system, and building an Excel model to aid consultants in annual funding planning.

My days often involve assisting on a range of tasks such as pricing new projects and adhoc analysis. People often come to me for help with financial analysis, forecasting, and solving various analytical challenges.

My most memorable experience at DB Results stems from our ongoing project. It involves an Excel model referred to as the “Plan support conversation tool.” This tool assists planners in creating financial support plans for scheme participants. Despite aiming for a systematic solution, operational constraints led to the development of a practical interim approach. The feedback we’ve received, even from those directly involved has been heartwarming. It is rewarding to know we’ve had a positive impact in an important real-life way.

The most rewarding aspect of my role is tackling new challenges and crafting innovative solutions to overcome them. While there’s little I dislike, administrative tasks are generally not my cup of tea.

There’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to understanding my expertise. People tend to think I strictly work in finance or others may label me the Excel guru, not realising my work spans diverse areas like data analysis. My background does involve extensive financial analytical roles. However, at its core, my work revolves around devising solutions for analytical challenges—often employing Excel as the tool.

Away from DB Results I enjoy spending time with my family. With two lively teenagers at home, my typical weekend is bustling with activities. I play in a Cricket league and Over 45s footy to keep the thrill alive! I am a dedicated Western Bulldogs fan (30 years and counting!), I enjoy attending games alongside my dad and son. On the leisure front, I enjoy a cozy Friday evening with drinks—whether in front of the TV or by a crackling fire pit. Additionally, I enjoy a walk with our family dog, Wally.

Despite sounding a bit soppy, I’d have to say my family is my greatest personal achievement. There’s nothing more rewarding than playing a role in shaping my kids into the wonderful individuals they’ve become.

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