Important Leadership Updates and Future Direction at DB Results

As we approach fiscal year 2024, we have a robust strategy that has received endorsement from the Board.

29 June 2023: We are delighted to share some important updates regarding the leadership and future direction of DB Results. Brenton McPherson has decided to transition from his role as the Australian Managing Director after four incredibly successful years. We fully support Brenton in this decision as he seeks new opportunities to continue shaping the future of DB Results, our dedicated staff, and our valued customers.

During his tenure, Brenton played a pivotal role in establishing a resilient, dependable, and scalable business. His exceptional leadership skills enabled him to assemble a top-notch executive management team, leading our growth in Digital, Government, Energy and Utilities, and large migration projects. Under his guidance, our Melbourne and Sydney organisations have flourished into formidable entities, securing major strategic accounts such as NDIA, LRS, AIA, ACTRO, Maurice Blackburn, GWW, and many more.

In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, Brenton will focus on three areas where his expertise will have the maximum impact: driving large strategic deals, expanding our global presence in the Energy and Utilities sector, and enriching our customer relationships. We are thrilled that DB Results will continue to benefit from Brenton’s involvement and strategic guidance.

Furthermore, we are pleased to appoint Ron Gauci as our new Managing Director, Australia. Ron brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career in multiple “C” level roles, and his track record of accomplishments is truly impressive. Since joining our team, Ron has seamlessly integrated with our Executive Management team and has proven himself to be adaptable and ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. With the combined strength of our Executive Management team and Ron’s leadership and expertise, DB Results is poised for further growth and the opportunity to make a meaningful economic, societal, and environmental impact. We look forward to seeing Ron drive our strategic initiatives and offerings in this space, as it is crucial for our scalable growth.

As DB Results grows, the organisation took the opportunity provided by Brenton to leverage his expertise to manage that growth in his new role whilst supporting Ron as an experienced leader.

These changes have highlighted our ability to be a dynamic business and maintain our competitive edge. This is an exciting time for DB Results as we have significant opportunities to make a difference in the key industries we operate in and to further our mission of enriching people’s lives in the areas of Health, Environment, Lifestyle, and Poverty. Our recent B Corp certification aligns with the DB Results culture to be best of class and strive for positive long term social impact, from decisions made each day. The accreditation is a direct reflection of our purpose to make a difference in people’s lives.

As we approach fiscal year 2024, we have a robust strategy that has received endorsement from the Board. We have a leadership and management team supported by experienced “C” level executives, and we have an organisation that knows how to persevere and achieve success.

This is an exciting time for the organisation. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this new chapter, together driving innovation, growth, and positive impact at DB Results.

Andrew Dean & Gavin Bunshaw

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