Making wills accessible and affordable

How we worked with law firm Maurice Blackburn to build an online wills platform in just six weeks.

The challenge

Maurice Blackburn is Australia’s leading consumer law firm, with an unwavering commitment to provide access to justice for all Australians, not just those who can afford it.

Every Australian adult needs a Will, yet about half our population don’t have this or other important estate planning documentation. Affordable Wills in today’s marketplace are often either “DIY” Will instruction kits or online forms, which lack the personalisation, flexibility and protection of being legally valid which can run the risk of conflicts down the track.  They also don’t generally include, let alone have integrated into the process, human-delivered legal advice and a final review of instructions.

With the vision to make legal products more accessible to all demographics, Maurice Blackburn approached DB Results to solve this challenge.

The solution

Maurice Blackburn partnered with DB Results to design and build an online Wills platform, MyLife Wills, using OutSystems, the #1 low-code platform. The MyLife Wills platform was built in just six weeks, providing a public-facing web browser for clients; an internal administration portal; a tool to manage business rules; and complete integration with Maurice Blackburn’s core systems and workflow.

Clients can use the self-serve web portal to lodge their personal information at any time, from any location. Legal staff from Maurice Blackburn then review clients’ wishes and consult with them to finalise their Will. This hybrid model enhances and streamlines the process, providing the client with a convenient and efficient user experience. It also allows legal staff to spend more time providing legal advice, rather than collecting information.

As the platform is built using OutSystems, it can be updated and optimised at any time, giving Maurice Blackburn the flexibility and scalability to enhance user experience and deliver new offerings in line with changes in the market and client needs.

The results

The result is a hybrid online service that combines the ease and convenience of DIY Will kits and digital platforms with personalised, legal guidance – all at a very competitive price.

The flexibility of the MyLife Wills online platform has rapidly increased the reach and volume of business since its launch in January 2020, and has notably attracted a strong share of 25–40 years olds, in addition to the traditionally older demographic. It has also transitioned a higher percentage of traffic from Maurice Blackburn’s call centre to online, allowing staff more time to assist with complex cases strengthening Will conversion.

With further optimisation planned and core metrics growing, the MyLife Wills platform promises to continue to reach more Australians and ensure their legal needs are accessible.

MyLife Wills is a best-of-breed online Wills platform that wonderfully integrates the benefits of expert legal staff input with the many benefits digital engagement platform can offer clients. The OutSystems platform’s rapid development capability and ability to customise to a very specific client-facing proposition as determined by our firm is terrific. The result, a custom digital and technology solution offering a great client experience and mirrored by internal workflow efficiencies.

We’re excited with what we have co-created today and what it can become as we grow.

Geoff Donohue

General Manager of Personal Legal Services, Maurice Blackburn

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