Maddocks strengthens risk management strategy

Comprehensive system audit completed in two weeks, resulting in 10% decrease in technical debt across portfolio.


Like many organisations, law firms actively digitise their processes, integrate platforms while leveraging modern data and reporting capabilities. With a level of risk inherent in all of these activities, it is important for an organisation to have an effective risk management strategy.

Fundamental to such a strategy is understanding the low-level detail of your infrastructure and the ability to monitor its performance. A regular, comprehensive audit conducted by an independent party is essential to ensure the security and reliability of these systems.

As such, Maddocks engaged DB Results, a leading Outsystems specialist.

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Supporting strategic vision

Maddocks is a proudly independent and modern Australian law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. It works closely with corporations, businesses, and governments throughout Australia and internationally, covering a diverse range of industry sectors.

As a modern Australian law firm, providing an excellent client experience is at the centre of its strategic vision. Maddocks adopted the leading low code platform solution OutSystems to enable and progress its digital ambitions, with the platform now well established within the business. The main benefit from using Outsystems is the ability to speed up the development lifecycle and ultimately deliver technology into users’ hands easily.

DB Results, an OutSystems specialist organisation, was engaged to undertake a review of the Maddocks OutSystems environment. The objective was to ensure best practice development processes had been followed with optimal system performance being achieved.

Why DB Results?

Having worked with DB Results previously, the Maddocks team was aware of our reputation as a leading OutSystems specialist, offering unparalleled expertise and proficiency. The combination of expertise and a proven track record made DB Results the clear choice, aligning seamlessly with Maddocks’ objectives and ensuring a collaborative partnership founded on trust and successful outcomes.

Comprehensive system audit completed in two weeks

Over a two-week period, DB Results conducted the audit process and the resulting report was tailored to fit Maddocks’ objectives. The audit evaluated the configurations related to the development platform, code deployment and any interconnected tools used within the application development lifecycle.

System architecture and integration

This part of the review focussed on OutSystems architecture and integration with existing systems. DB Result conducted checks to ensure integration patterns followed enterprise standards and offered guidelines and recommendations for using third-party components, such as OutSystems Forge components. The goal was to align existing technical designs with OutSystems architecture principles and provide insights into how the architecture for future projects could be improved.

Operability, performance and security

This part of the evaluation focussed on assessing system operability, performance, and security aspects within the OutSystems infrastructure. It included a review of critical updates, patches, and dependencies against the firm’s risk framework. Additionally, the assessment covered application security, monitoring, alerts, and system performance metrics. The goal was to ensure that OutSystems’ best practices had been implemented, including role-based access control, single sign-on authentication and integration with an external Identity Management provider.

The resulting report also acts as a valuable knowledge resource, providing additional documentation to support the fast onboarding of new team members to the Maddocks development team and reference material for support teams.

Successful outcome

As a result of the audit, Maddocks has already observed a 10% decrease in the level of technical debt reported in the Outsystems AI Mentor monitoring tool.

Reduced technical debt across the portfolio of applications will result in lower maintenance costs and allow the Maddocks team to spend more time on future solutions. Maddocks has started to implement the recommendations in additional design documentation, bolstering the existing risk management framework and providing further comfort to the executive level.


DB Results conducted a comprehensive review of 22 applications, and I’m extremely pleased with the results and the quality of work. The audit provided valuable insights into improving the design and performance of our applications. DB Results has proven to be a reliable partner, with a broad range of expertise and a willingness to tailor its offering to our needs. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship.

Mitch Grant

Director of operational excellence.

For nearly two decades, the team at DB Results have successfully collaborated with hundreds of customers, spanning local and global landscapes across various industries such as financial services, utilities, government, and health. We take pride in ensuring end-to-end delivery success for our diverse customer base. Our tailored solutions are designed to enable your growth and enhance your competitive edge.

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