Wellness+: A platform crafted for connection

Show your team that you care

Wellness+ is a hands-on way for business leaders to support and empower their employees when it comes to their health. Through regular check-ins, activities and resources, the platform gives your most precious resource – your people – the tools to take charge of their wellbeing.

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    Add wellness to every day

    Daily wellbeing check-ins with your team, not just “every now and again”.

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    You lead the way

    Organisations can provide timely updates to keep teams informed and build connections.

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    Secure and private

    All data and records are kept confidential to ensure users feel safe and comfortable.

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    Use on any device

    Never miss a day of wellness tracking or updates with desktop and mobile versions available.

How Wellness+ puts your people first

Track key health activities

View activity details and health trends over time to set goals and track progress.

Self-conducted wellness checks

See how a range of influences, including energy levels, food quality, moods and relationships, can affect overall wellness.

Clinically approved questionnaires

Get more personalised insights and recommendations with in-depth questionnaires about everyday habits and routines.

Useful tools

The Health Indicator tool charts and tracks body temperature, sleep, weight, heart rate, blood sugar, water intake and more.

Health tips and insights

Based on results from the questionnaires and tools, Wellness+ can recommend ways to boost wellbeing.

Access to valuable resources

Inform and empower your team with resources like articles, programs and applications that can help them discover more about their health.

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