SelfServe Portal: The future of customer service in the utilities sector

Today’s customer expects more

They’re also increasingly concerned about the impact of energy usage on the environment. That’s why the DB Results SelfServe Portal is changing how people manage their utilities. Built with OutSystems, this digital-based, user-friendly solution helps your customers understand and manage their energy usage and pay their bills on any digital device.

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    Empowers customers

    Allows customers to take control by self-managing their energy accounts, viewing bills, entering meter reads and more.

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    Customer service made faster and cheaper

    Rapid implementation of smart technology with one low monthly cost means SelfServe can be used sooner, solves customer problems faster and costs a fraction of the price of custom-built portals.

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    Less risk

    A secure platform with cloud-based software eliminates the risks and costs associated with traditional software.

A smart solution that puts customers first

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    A holistic digital utilities solution

    The SelfServe portal is a white-label product designed for utilities companies. It provides the everyday customer with a holistic view of their residential billing and usage history. This accurate view of usage patterns helps customers better forecast peak usage periods before they happen.

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    Designed with extensive industry knowledge

    The SelfServe Portal was crafted using our vast industry experience and embraces today’s technologies. Whether customers are looking to save money or decrease their environmental footprint, expert tips and knowledge are available to help them do so.

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    Personalised customer engagement

    SelfServe creates a personalised self-service journey for your customers. This customised approach allows customers to operate on their own terms, increasing satisfaction and loyalty, which ultimately increases revenue.

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SelfServe snapshot

SelfServe is perfect if you have lots of customers you bill regularly. It provides more efficient customer service at a lower cost for your company.


Made for any device

Customer-friendly dashboard that works on web, tablets and mobiles.


Essential bill information

Displays easy-to-understand customer bill and usage history, with bill predictions.


Supports multiple utility services

A flexible system that can be used for electricity, gas and water.


Seamless integration

Integrates with all major payment gateways and works with your existing billing system (Oracle, SAP or Gentrack).


Gives power to your customers

Allows customers to take control of registration and user profile changes.



Multiple translations available for non-English-speaking customers.


Simple configuration

A system that’s easy to configure with predefined utility templates.


Safe to use

Six different security mechanisms for an always-secure system.


Agile and adaptable

Updated every 90 days to keep pace with company changes.


Ends bill shock

Greater understanding of usage leads to more predictability, ending bill shock.


Customise to fit your business

Design custom forms based on the data you want to obtain from your customers.

How SelfServe connects your services with your customers


Improved customer experience

The SelfServe Portal enables utility customers to have a high-level view of their usage patterns, empowering them to make informed choices and take control of their energy usage. This transparency improves the overall customer experience and strengthens the relationship between utility companies and their customers.


Rapid implementation and lower costs

SelfServe is a SaaS solution that can be implemented quickly with minimal overheads and a simple, low monthly cost. This eliminates the hidden costs that are associated with custom-built portals. The administration portal enables customers to easily make changes, reducing maintenance and development costs.


High-level usage view

SelfServe’s comprehensive overview allows customers to analyse their usage patterns and identify trends. By offering these insights rather than just billing details, it empowers customers to take action to control their energy usage more effectively.


Multi-device accessibility

Customers can access their billing information and usage data through their preferred digital device. This flexibility and convenience let them engage with SelfServe on the go, without the traditional limitations of paper bills.


Simple, cloud-based operation

Whether assessing usage or paying bills, SelfServe is easy to use and functionally rich for customers. It’s built into the cloud to eliminate the risk and expense associated with traditional software acquisition.


Customer education

The SelfServe structure allows your customers to become more knowledgeable about how they use and what they spend on energy. Studies have shown that benefitting from energy-efficient behaviour leads to increased customer engagement.


Expert support

Webchat provides a direct line to experts for customer support around reading meters, understanding bills, making payments and more.


Neighbourhood watch

Monitors energy usage of homes in the areas surrounding each customer, so they can see how they compare to those around them.

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