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We partner with OutSystems, an industry leader in low-code platform development. This means we can deliver mobile and web applications at unrivalled speed and with uncompromised quality. It gets our customers to market quicker and gives them a competitive edge. It’s been a 10+ year relationship that has delivered hundreds of successful digital projects.

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    The world’s #1 low-code platform

    OutSystems merges design, code and deployment so its users can innovate with speed and ease.

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    5x faster

    OutSystems has proven to be at least five times faster than traditional approaches to digital solution delivery.

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    Savings through efficiency

    Accelerated coding and delivery means less money spent producing your solutions.


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How OutSystems drives innovation with speed

When partnering with DB Results and OutSystems, you create the opportunity to deliver business results faster, reduce project costs and evolve your business.


Customer portals

Create pixel-perfect customer portals more easily and faster for both web and mobile apps. No matter the size of your business, you can build scalable, customised, secure apps to take your customer experience to new heights.


Internal apps

The high-performance OutSystems platform can remove your internal app backlog, bridge gaps between systems, empower your workforce and leverage what makes your business unique.


Core systems

Build a custom core system in months, not years. The OutSystems low-code platform can develop a core system that is tailored to your business needs while being fast, powerful and adaptable.


Transform legacy applications

Breathe new life into your outdated applications. OutSystems helps you rapidly overcome the shortcomings that can arise with legacy applications.


Multiple platform formats

Available as a public cloud, private cloud and on-premises solution, the platform provides end-to-end capabilities for solution development, hosting, monitoring and change.


Agility made for modern business

Business landscapes are constantly evolving. OutSystems provides quick, simple solutions that are flexible enough to keep up with rapidly growing industries.



Build secure apps that can scale up to service millions. Utilise infinite updates that can be implemented as you innovate, while evolving your app dev capabilities.


Power your team

The OutSystems low-code platform delivers radically simplified yet powerful development that dramatically increases your team’s productivity.

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Fast, safe, simple development

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    Merging performance with speed

    Low-code is designed to dramatically accelerate development of critical mobile and web applications. The OutSystems platform brings high performance to low-code, delivering unprecedented levels of flexibility and efficiency without comprising quality.

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    Low-code, low risk

    Even with rapid development speed, low-code remains safe and secure, often simplifying many security-related tasks. The most basic low-code systems can automatically test for vulnerabilities and integrate with existing testing tools.

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    Enable innovation

    The OutSystems platform has become a favourite with DB Results developers and our customers. It makes the development process simple, so businesses can focus on innovation. This leads to more creative, high-performing results, all while enabling customers to use low-code their way.

Customer success stories

See how we applied OutSystems to tailor solutions for our customers.


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  • Why OutSystems?

    The OutSystems philosophy is build it fast, build it right and build it for the future. DB Results and OutSystems love working together to focus on their customers and deliver great outcomes.

  • OutSystems for leading the way

    OutSystems can plug into any existing technology and build web and mobile applications and even help produce AI and machine learning outcomes.

  • OutSystems for legacy platforms

    OutSystems has connectors for many different systems, but also gives developers the tools they need to customise and integrate it with any platform, no matter how niche.

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