MiOK: Helping employees to get on top of mental health

When it comes to treating mental health, action must be taken early

We merged our health sector expertise with our technological innovation to create MiOK – a mobile application that helps organisations support the wellbeing of their people.

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    An app that sees the signs

    Recognise mental health symptoms and early warning signs and know when to seek help.

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    Suited to any workplace

    Versions available for organisations with standard structures and those in the not-for-profit space.

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    Built by experts

    Designed with input from DB Results clinicians and using best-available research.

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    Simple and non-intrusive

    Not everyone is comfortable talking about mental health – give people the tools to take action themselves.

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How MiOK is helping to support better mental wellbeing

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    Made to meet demand

    In the wake of the 2019 bushfires, we wanted to create a way to help the mental wellbeing of those who were affected. The success of MiOK led to us evolving the portal as a way for organisations and not-for-profits to support employee wellbeing.

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    Daily recording and mood tracking

    MiOK allows you to see how your emotions are tracking each day, record wellbeing information that matters to you and self-reflect on your personal thoughts and feelings with guidance from experts.

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    Resources designed to help

    MiOK gives you access to helpful, relevant information and guides that will support you on your wellbeing journey. It recommends resources based on how you are feeling about an experience that is unique to you.

How MiOK puts your people first

Want to ensure that you’re putting your people at the centre of your organisation? Here’s how MiOK helps you make it happen.

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Personalised support

Useful, relevant advice and resources for each employee, so they know how and when to get expert help if things aren’t quite right.

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Easy access

Create more accessible support structures within your organisation to benefit your employees and support your OH&S obligations.

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Private and secure

MiOK understands the deeply personal nature of mental health. All data is stored in a secure and confidential way, for the employee's eyes only.

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The application can be customised and configured to meet an organisation’s evolving needs. This includes syncing with your existing internal communication channels to push out information to staff quickly.

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