POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Navigating the Energy Transition Landscape

The energy and utilities sector is in macro-transition.

Power to the people! This power revolution is different. Today, policies and challenges are making the news headlines as solar panels, batteries, EVs and smart home gadgets are becoming ubiquitous.

The energy and utilities sector is in macro-transition. Moreover, this industry is seeing disruption and innovation happening in a hyperlocal and personalised way, thanks to the new technology of distributed energy generation. Some of the key drivers for this change are: climate change and the need for decarbonisation; the rise of Asian economies who wish to leapfrog from a coal-powered model to a solar and storage network; power storage and green technologies – like EVs – becoming more affordable through technological innovation.

Our recent customer function brought together many of our customers from the Utilities industry. This event has provided us with valuable insights on the energy transition and its impact on their work. A strong indication of DB Results’ growing activities in the sector.

The Energy Transition paradigm

The Australia Energy Week conference was recently held in Melbourne, bringing together key industry players to tackle the Energy Transition challenges and proposed solutions. Some of the major themes discussed were:

  • Decarbonisation: The shift from fossil-based energy to renewable like wind, solar, hydrogen. Climate change policies are the key drivers behind it.
  • Technology Transition: Enabling bi-lateral energy flows and distributed generations requires significant modernisation of the grid as well as major IT capabilities uplift from existing (and new) energy market players.
  • Customer Transition: Ever growing demand for enhanced digital experience and emergence of energy prosumers (consumer + producer).
  • Cost Optimisation: For distributors and retailers, there is a constant pressure to reduce cost-to-serve driven by stagnating power demand vs self-generation vs primary resources cost increase.

Together, these themes have significant ramifications for all industry players. New initiatives are required to succeed in this Transition.

How DB Results can help

DB Results are supporting our customers to navigate the changing energy landscape by blending industry expertise with solutions that meet their real needs. We provide procurement and operational solutions for our customers. Whether it’s a simple solution for cost-effective energy management or a more global transition solution, we are looking to mitigate the risks associated with Australia’s Energy Transition. Some examples are:

  • Adaptive Services: XaaS, outcome-based delivery services, CX, Design Thinking, Agile,
  • Emerging Products: Digital/Mobile, Cloud & multi-tenancy offering, DER solution.

DB Results is implementing both, Cloud SaaS core solution (Oracle CCS) + Digital portal (DBR Customer Self-Serve) with some of our major customers.

If your business needs help navigating the energy transition landscape, please contact us.

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