LCAP what’s the hype?

Gartner places the OutSystems LCAP as a leader in the category. And we agree!

Low Code Application Platforms and the future of business agility.


Gartner Hype Curve for Cloud Platform Services, 2022

The recent (July 2022) Gartner Hype Curve chart is a concentrated look at the offerings in the Cloud Platform Services as they are generally classified today.

While debate continues over the utility and applicability of many of the XXaaS offerings, and how fast they may – or may not – mature into mainstream business and technology consumables, there is little if any debate about the rise in deployments of Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP).

These low-code platforms have experienced a meteoric transformation from niche, sideline development facilities to full scale enterprise grade, business critical service providers in under 5 years.

For those of us who have been using these platforms in the rapid delivery of customer solutions across this time, it comes as no surprise to see Gartner place them firmly on the Plateau of Productivity. For PRODUCTIVITY is a true cornerstone of their advantage.

DB Results’ consultants have been using the OutSystems LCAP solution for over 7 years.  In that time we have repeatedly shown the immense uplift in productivity, both during development and in operation, of the OutSystems platform.  Quite literally we can deliver twice as much in half the time using LCAP.  Our solutions range from award winning mobile phone applications in the disability sector, to several FSI customer’s origination and account management web-sites, to tablet based logistics and material safety handling on the shop-floor.

Enhanced customer and end-user satisfaction, and incredible adoption rates are common when our solutions are developed using the OutSystems platform. When the power of an LCAP platform is harnessed by masterful businesses they can effortlessly become class leaders. DB Results has an outstanding pedigree in LCAP having been awarded Elite OutSystems Partner status is 2018, OutSystems Australian Partner of the Year 2021, Champion – APAC 2021 and Best Delivery Partner & Partner of the Year 2019.  Our customers have benefited from the world leading application development capabilities that we have created across Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and USA.

Gartner places the OutSystems LCAP as a leader in the category. And we agree!



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