Build it fast, build it right…build it now

If you have big modernisation goals, but are short on development skills, the following is a must-read.

Build it fast, build it right… build it now – with Gartner No 1. Low Code OutSystems Platform

Modernisation is replacing the over used term known as transformation. If you have big modernisation goals, but are short on modern development skills, then the following is a must-read:

Keeping the lights on activities are consuming 70% – 80% of most IT budgets. Whatever is leftover is used for innovation. These are staggering yet valid statistics.

The journey to achieving digital transformation may take time, yet even the longest journey begins with a single decision whether that be to start with a proof of concept to trial accelerators in the market or make a Line of Business decision to progress with a new way of modernising the legacy, at speed.

Why is it so hard for every organisation?

OutSystems is a modern application platform

How are organisations shifting the dial with respect to how much they spend on “Run” the organisation as compared to “Innovate” the organisation eliminating the technical debt of today? OutSystems is a modern application platform that empowers companies to create omnichannel applications up to 10 x faster than traditional development methods. Breakaway from pre-built software (COTS) that keeps innovation at bay and deliver business results fast. Create the perfect-fit experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations and allows you to compete head-to-head with CX Leaders.

OutSystems’ mission is to give every organisation the power to innovate

The question that gets repeatedly asked is “how is this possible?”

So how is this possible? At IOOF, they could see plenty of digital innovation opportunities that would improve the customer’s experience. However, the developers with the necessary technical skills were too busy working on “keeping the lights on”.

The developers supporting legacy systems had valuable business knowledge, however lacked the latest web development skills. Additionally, finding the skills in the market was proving to be time consuming and expensive, given the capacity crisis in Australia.

A quote from the IT Manager at IOOF “I knew OutSystems low-code development platform could give us a way to upgrade the skills of our longest-serving developers quickly. That way, we could take full advantage of their deep business knowledge and accelerate their modernisation program, without having to worry about the outdated technical skills that might have slowed them down”. In summary, repointing and upskilling existing staff members in weeks as opposed to years could be a solution to the capacity crisis. Additionally, deliver your digital agenda faster and at lower cost.

OutSystems not only delivers results today, but it also gives organisations confidence for the future. Modern technology development is about having purpose around building digital applications. The days of multi-year behemoth development are over. Application development is about building thin technology quicker and at lower cost. If we think about technology having a best before date, then you can future proof your investment and technical debt.

OutSystems solves a broad set of challenges

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