Revolutionising agronomy

How we helped Nutrien Ag Solutions develop an innovative mobile app.

The challenge

For over 150 years, Nutrien Ag Solutions has been integral to the Australian agricultural industry, providing unparalleled access to global research and development, innovative technology and trusted expertise that helps their customers grow their farming businesses.

Farming has changed since Nutrien Ag Solutions’ legacy businesses were founded. More and more, the ability to collect and utilise data to drive decisions is key to maintaining an efficient and productive agricultural operation. Nutrien Ag Solutions is at the forefront of developing and tailoring local strategies supported by technology and data.

Looking to better support their farmers and improve efficiencies in the process, Nutrien wanted to develop a mobile application that would streamline the process of collecting soil samples, improve data capture and allow agronomists to make recommendations for their customers sooner. Agronomists review plant, animal and farming techniques to improve the sustainability and productivity of farms and agricultural businesses.

The solution

To deliver a product that would meet Nutrien’s needs, the in-field data collection application was built on OutSystems low-code platform using DB Results’ expertise. This allowed us to build the application much faster than would have been possible with traditional development methods, and provides Nutrien with a fully functional solution that can easily be built upon as their requirements change in the future.

The app allows agronomists to better plan and collect samples. Agronomists can link specific data to the sample’s record including images, location and soil profile. They can also generate barcodes to link a physical soil sample to a customer, their paddock and their crop for faster data management.

The app is integrated to mapping tools, GPS and corporate systems, and can automatically direct agronomists from their current sample to the next soil test location. Tasks can be completed and tracked remotely, and will synchronise data when the device is next connected to the internet.

The soil sampling app has already undergone further enhancements and now has the capability to conduct tissue sampling as well.

The results

“Soil sampling is relaxing now.”

The in-field data collection mobile application not only provides greater efficiencies for Nutrien’s agronomists, but also enhances the productivity of their customer’s farms. Australian farmers have done it tough for a very long time, and have been severely impacted by drought, bushfires, floods and COVID-19, so Nutrien’s customers have welcomed these enhancements to fast-track recommendations and implement these improvements.

The mobile app provides several benefits to both Nutrien and their customers:

  • Greater accuracy in planning sample collections, allowing agronomists to be more efficient in the field
  • Increased accuracy when recording sample locations, providing customers with more specific recommendations to enhance farm productivity and reduce operational overheads
  • Improved accuracy of sample tracking from field to laboratory, decreasing the risk of errors
  • Halved administration time by eliminating manual data entry, enabling agronomists to work more productively
  • Faster, more efficient preparation of reports enabling Nutrien to provide customers with their recommendations more quickly, leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Agronomists can quickly and easily access customer’s historic data to provide more holistic recommendations

By choosing OutSystems, Nutrien Ag Solutions can easily extend the application to accommodate additional testing functions, as well as continue to link all their customer data for enhanced customer satisfaction and greater efficiencies.

The in-field data collection application streamlines manual process for ease, accuracy and efficiency, allowing staff access from remote locations.

Robert Alderman

Digital Ag Development & National Farm Services Coordination, Nutrien Ag Solutions

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