Modernising the customer experience

How we helped Club Marine to modernise its digital quote portal.


Club Marine is Australia’s largest provider of boat insurance and has been protecting the insurance needs of Australian boaters for more than 50 years. It is committed to taking the risk out of boating so its members can enjoy their time on the water with peace of mind. Underwritten by Allianz, one of Australia’s largest general insurers, Club Marine is an active part of the boating community and supports more than 100 yacht clubs, fishing tournaments, boat shows, regattas and volunteer marine groups.

The challenge

As boat insurance specialists, Club Marine has provided its customers with the convenience of purchasing boat insurance online for many years. After updating its website to a fresh new look, Club Marine commenced a project to enhance its online quote portal to modernise its look and feel and improve the overall experience for prospective customers. Their goal was to have the portal ready for the peak boating season, just three months away.

Key challenges to be addressed included:

  • Updating six online sales channels and aligning with current branding and style guidelines
  • Streamlining and simplifying the online engagement experience to increase conversion rates and reduce the pressure on Club Marine’s call centre
  • Updating functionality and features to meet customer expectations
  • Aligning to regulatory compliance requirements including design and distribution obligations (DDO)
  • Managing the balance between improving usability and adhering to compliance requirements
  • Additionally, Club Marine was faced with the challenge of delivering the project while working virtually under the pressures of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution

As a delivery partner, DB Results was engaged to create a new approach that would allow Club Marine to deliver the required digital solutions in a virtual setting.

This new delivery approach required new ways of working to be instituted to address remote/virtual working, delivery agility, discipline, communications, engagement, compliance and quality in a short project timeframe.

Virtual teams in lockdown

In mid-2020, the world had been thrust into a new paradigm. Australia had been forced into lockdown. Everyone was working from home and many companies were struggling to adapt to the new reality. Apprehension had set in and, given the perceived difficulty of effective delivery in a virtual setting, companies were starting to question the criticality of their projects.

Club Marine were mulling over similar concerns. This project had a short time window in which to deliver it in time for the peak boating season.

DB Results used our proven set of virtual delivery tools to make this process clear, visually engaging and interactive. To ensure our design would address the existing experience challenges, there was an emphasis on multiple rounds of user testing with customers and internal staff, which led to iterative design improvements based on their feedback.

Digital blueprint for success

Given the complexity of delivering a balanced digital solution that would meet the needs of many stakeholders from across the business (including underwriting, compliance, legal and more), it was crucial to agree upon the right solution focus and prioritisation of effort.

To achieve this, DB Results commenced this project with our proven Digital Blueprint approach. The Blueprint guided Club Marine through a process to workshop, assess and balance requirements across the business while focusing on customer experience and technology needs.

This Blueprint became the key point of reference throughout the agile delivery of the solution and provided the guiding light by which to deliver a complete, functional and engaging solution for Club Marine and its customers.

Agility to deliver better outcomes

Led by the DB Results team, the agile delivery approach provided a framework for effective collaboration based on agreed ways of working for all stakeholders involved. This approach effectively managed expectations for all stakeholders across a diverse cross-functional team, so that a solution could be delivered that provided real business value for all involved.

The results

Delivered in a 3-month period, the new solution was launched in time for the 2020/2021 boating season, allowing Club Marine to realise the benefits of improved customer experience.

This was a complex solution delivery that provided:

  • UI improvements to modernise the customer experience, aligning the portal to Club Marine’s revitalised branding and reducing cognitive load
  • UX improvements such as:
  1. Streamlining workflow and defaulting form inputs where possible
  2. The addition of tooltips and videos to help users understand what they are buying, thus reducing the need to contact the call centre
  3. Inclusion of instructional text and front-end validation to reduce the number of unexpected errors experienced by customers
  • A design that met future regulatory requirements (e.g. design and distribution obligations)
  • A solution that met business stakeholder requirements across underwriting, insurance, marketing, technology and other areas.

Since launching the new quote and purchase pages, Club Marine have realised significant improvements in quote-to-sale conversion rate and reductions in errors experienced by users.

Club Marine look forward to making further enhancements to their digital landscape with a variety of projects in the pipeline.

The quote refresh project was a great success. The experience, methodology, and collaboration toolset that DB Results brought to the table helped Club Marine to quickly improve the user experience of one of our business-critical functions and realise the benefits sooner.

Simon Boucher

Digital Manager at Club Marine

For nearly two decades, the team at DB Results have successfully collaborated with hundreds of customers, spanning local and global landscapes across various industries such as financial services, utilities, government, and health. We take pride in ensuring end-to-end delivery success for our diverse customer base. Our tailored solutions are designed to enable your growth and enhance your competitive edge.

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