Digital solutions for leading industry super fund

How we worked with one of Australia’s largest super funds on self-service, real-time integration and a personalised customer experience.

Like many financial institutions, a leading super fund faced the challenge of customer retention. They needed to improve engagement and interactions with customers, partners and staff.

One of Australia’s largest super funds, with over two million members, wanted to better engage their members and provide a tailored personal experience.

The superannuation provider entrusted DB Results to be their digital services partner.

They needed a suite of digital solutions and integrated digital channels that would provide an ongoing engaging experience for members. Self-service, real-time integration and a personalised customer experience were the priorities. They needed a solution that delivered and innovated rapidly to beat their competition and be relevant to end users.

A digital strategy that delivered results

Our approach was to design and create digitised business functions making it easier for members to interact.

We focused on building member engagement and loyalty through an improved customer digital experience. By delivering a consistent experience across all digital channels we were able to increase engagement and loyalty with the superannuation provider’s customers. The superannuation fund’s capability to design, measure, monitor and improve the solution after implementation was scoped into the project plan.

By creating digital channels that are self-managed, we put the change power and ownership into the hands of the business. The website has inbuilt analytics providing ongoing engagement and loyalty insights. These analytics are adaptive and operate with the fully personalised user experience.

This leading superannuation fund has rapidly increased their speed to deliver. We supported them to use technology that delivers more business functionality in faster timeframes at significantly reduced costs and effort.

An agile delivery model to define, deliver and change solutions in a real time environment has increased the ease and speed for our customer to respond to ongoing change.

Finally, we evaluated and supported the quality delivery of solutions. We provided consistent, standardised and scalable solutions based on a repeatable business model.

A  range of digital solutions to meet business needs

One of the results of our combined efforts is an education portal for their members. This provides a personalised online experience that educates members about how to future-proof their funds and get maximum benefit at retirement.

OutSystems was used as the development platform to integrate a variety of assets, including:

  • Pivotal CRM – for customer information
  • Kentico Web CMS – for engaging content
  • Google Analytics – to track and understand user behaviour
  • Future capabilities for integration of specific calculators, social media and back-office funds management systems of record will occur in subsequent releases of solutions on the OutSystems platform.

Their members not only receive a better experience, but they have increased their engagement and improved customer retention. Overall they have reported that many more members are using and adopting their products leading to increased funds under their management.

The fund’s digital services reliability is our concern. DB Results continues to be their long term support service provider ensuring their public website and member education portal are continually available for their large member and employee user community.

OutSystems, the number one platform for low-code rapid application development and DB Results’ low-code partner of choice, lets you build enterprise-level applications fast. With OutSystems your development times are cut in half, giving you a competitive edge.

Read more about our OutSystems capabilities.



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