Building a new digital investment platform

How we helped Phundex build a complete platform for complex financial transactions and comms.

The challenge

Phundex is a UK company with a digital investment platform that aims to reduce cost and time inefficiencies across the end-to-end investment process. Current processes to manage complex financial transactions are often managed manually through email trails, which is inefficient, costly, and gives rise to considerable inherent operational risks. Phundex engaged DB Results to develop their beta platform into a full financial services calibre solution.

The Solution

  • A transaction and process management solution, built in OutSystems
  • Pre-built and customisable workflows for simple remote collaboration
  • Transparent coordination between colleagues/external stakeholders
  • Complete signatures, attach documents, and input data

The Results

  • A scalable, tailored platform delivered in less than 3 months
  • Intuitive and user-centric solution
  • Improved data integrity and reduced operational risks
  • Improved efficiency, communication and governance
  • Looking to adapt platform for other, non-finance industries in the future.

I have worked on many transformations over the years. I know what “good” looks like”. That’s not you – because you are what GREAT looks like.

Heather-Anne Hubbell

CEO, Phundex

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