Inclusion and diversity

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We’re a diverse team that does brilliant work

We understand the importance of diversity – for both culture and performance. Great ideas can come from anyone, and anywhere, which is why we invest in people with a variety of skills and backgrounds.

Standout solutions

Our processes and solutions are diverse. We build projects around each customer’s unique needs, and often create custom solutions rather than simply delivering ‘off the shelf’ products.

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Diversity breeds innovation

Investing in our people is what leads to unique, brilliant results. We encourage our specialists to look outside of the box and draw on their backgrounds to bring ideas to the table.

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We’re a B Corp

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace was one of the five reasons we were awarded 
B Corp Certification. Out of the key assessment areas, DB Results’ highest B Impact score came from our diversity and inclusion framework.

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Unique experience and industry capability

Our senior specialists have an array of diverse global experience. They have worked across a range of industries all over the world, each bringing truly unique skills to DB Results. Together, they form a rare and invaluable team of experts.

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A commitment to our people


Family and caring responsibilities


Parental leave policy and compassionate leave


People with a disability


Cultural inclusivity


Indigenous inclusion

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Products designed for everyone

Mental health is a universal issue that impacts each of us. As a result, we’ve created innovative, inclusive products that focus on improving wellbeing for everyone within your organisation.


MiOK puts your people at the centre of your organisation. No matter their role or background, this mobile application helps you support them from a distance and allows them to take action if they feel their mental health isn’t where it should be.

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Wellness+ is a platform designed to keep your people supported, connected and informed. It allows you to work with your team to help them take charge of their health and wellbeing through simple day-to-day actions.

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Solutions built from industry expertise

From financial services to healthcare and so much more, our projects and customer base are as diverse as our team members.

Club Marine

Modernising the customer experience

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Major insurer

Achieving a complex separation and digital transformation

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Super Fund

Digital solutions for a leading industry super fund

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Pathways Digital

A simplified contract platform in record time

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Nutrien Ag Solutions

Revolutionising agronomy

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Electricity Distributor

Achieving critical compliance

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Strengthening risk management with a system audit

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Equipping JANA for the challenges of a digital world

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Building a career-transition platform

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Estia Health

Enhancing employee connectedness in aged care

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Public healthcare provider

EMR implementation supports digital transformation

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A life-changing telehealth solution - delivered fast

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