Cost-saving digital tool promotes sustainability
Published on 13th April 2016

We helped this government agency deliver their message: that energy efficiency can add value and comfort to a home, not to mention save money. We achieved this by leveraging our design know-how and web support.

DB Results helped turn our client’s vision for a web-based tool to help calculate energy efficiencies and cost-savings into a reality.

Design for success

The challenge was to develop a tool that any Victorian embarking on a house renovation could use.

To do this, understanding the way people would need to use the tool was paramount. We deployed our user experience experts to form this understanding. It isn’t as simple as putting content on a web page to get important information across. An understanding of how the target audience will access and engage with the information is necessary.

User-friendly result

DB Results provided a suitable digital platform. Our project team and management process focused on customer needs. The outcome is a user-friendly online tool, accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Eager energy-conscious renovators Victoria-wide access the tool daily.

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