Power of Choice strategy for VIC electricity company
Published on 12th October 2016

With the impending commoditisation of mass market metering in Australia, DB Results helped this electricity distributor to develop its strategy to meet the next wave of consumer focused change, called Power of Choice.

A strategic approach powered by expertise in the utility industry

As a thought leader, DB Results provided its renowned utilities experience to develop a Power of Choice response strategy for a Victorian distributor.

We leveraged our business strategy and blueprint services to provide a measured assessment of the business risks and viable opportunities open to the distributor.

It involved a business wide Power of Choice impact assessment, a comparative market analysis to identify the likely market response and, by using our existing industry tools, provided a consumer and market change model to enable what-if scenario planning. We identified the optimal Power of Choice response strategy and developed a supporting solution roadmap to deliver the program of change, in a stepped fashion to mitigate implementation risk.

Ongoing support and strategic tools that enable flexibility

DB Results equipped the distributor with the Power of Choice response strategy and a roadmap for its delivery. We structured these materials for re-use and the roadmap maximised the investment of legacy solutions while enabling the required business solution flexibility.

The distributor has commenced implementation of the Power of Choice strategy and the corresponding program of work. DB Results continues to support them to ensure that the benefits are realised.

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