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Bias for biases
Published on 23 August 2018

Cognitive biases are subconscious tools we have developed to foster efficient decision making. They're useful tools in our day-to-day lives; for UX design though, they can be an unconscious nightmare.

Exceeding expectations: a grad's perspective
My first six (actually, eight) months at DB Results.
NPP and Groundhog Day
New technologies are being applied to old business problems to create innovative solutions for consumers and service providers alike.
Show me the money for CX!
Improving adoption for Customer Self-Service for greater Return on Investment (ROI).
The challenge with IoT - it's not what you may think
The adoption of the IIoT will profoundly change the way things work. One significant aspect of that change will be edge analytics.
When mobiles attack!
Customers now view mobile application capabilities as ubiquitous - if yours doesn't have a function they want, they will leave.
Intelligence, learning and the botnet
The increasing sophistication of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, coupled with the rapid adoption of Internet of Things devices, paves...
Critical infrastructure
The security and resilience of critical infrastructure is increasingly in headline news. The government's response is new legislation to ensure and...
Moving beyond the commodity utility
As utilities look to stay relevant, they must shift beyond the simple commodity distribution/retail model. With data at the centre of this shift...
Insights into cyber attacks on Ukraine and IoT security
Industries and consumers are adopting Internet of Things (IoT) in an unprecedented rate. With increasing IoT usage and adoption, organisations face...
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