Funding results
Published on 30th August 2018
Written by DB Results Marketing Team

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

DB Results were recently successful in their submissions for two key initiatives in healthcare. The Victorian Medial Research Acceleration Fund is an initiative under Victoria’s Health and Medical Research Strategy 2016–2020. The fund is part of the Labor Government’s $20 million plan to ensure Victoria stays a world leader in groundbreaking health and medical research that has the power to change lives. This aligns with DB Results’ purpose to HELP: to lead changes that enhance and enrich people's lives.

Blockchain encryption technology to secure patient medical records – RMIT University ($99,611).

Existing medical and clinical health applications use data protection to ensure privacy and medical record security. It has been proposed that the introduction of Blockchain technology within the applications can substantially reduce operational costs whilst improving security of the applications. RMIT and DB Results Pty Ltd jointly developed blockchain-enabled security and protection mechanisms to facilitate the secure transmission and sharing of health data.

Prostmate – a clinical support application for prostate cancer sufferers – Australian Prostate Cancer Research ($100,000).

Prostate cancer affects millions of men all over the world. Evidence indicates that men want to be able to get on with their lives without having to travel long distances to visit specialist cancer centres for the management and treatment of their disease. Prostmate is an online clinical support program for anyone affected by prostate cancer.

Renewal of the Prostmate application will enable improved patient functionality to support rural and remote patients. We will facilitate the provision of specialist advice and education enabling patients the opportunity to be more inform and empower in their healthcare. Personalised applications that manage, remind and monitor an individual’s adherence to a treatment plan greatly increases the efficacy of the treatment. This improves the health of the individual, reduces diagnostic and medical appointment time and builds patients’ confidence in their health support services.

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