DB Results take on SFIA7 with ValidateSkills.com
Published on 22nd August 2018
Written by DB Results Marketing Team

DB Results is excited to announce they are now the preferred implementation partner for UK-based ValidateSkills.com’s ITSA solution in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

ITSA, or IT Skills Analysis, was launched in July 2018 and offers individuals and organisations access to a detailed and accurate audit of the skills contained in the latest version (V7) of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). Key new SFIA7 features supported by ITSA include the capture of knowledge, skills used in Digital Transformation and the on-going role of Cyber Security.

“ITSA helps build accurate SFIA skills profiles for individuals, allows for verification, update job descriptions, conduct career development programs and form balanced teams equipped with the right skills and much more,” said Kevin Tibbs, Managing Director of ValidateSkills.com. “It made sense to partner with DB Results as our implementation partner in the Australasian region as they not only have consultants on the ground to support local organisations, but they also match our skills and experience when it comes to the practical application of SFIA.”

DB Results is an accredited SFIA Consulting Partner, has a wealth of experience in implementing the framework, and provides organisations with SFIA-based awareness, training and consulting services.

DB Results’ Simon Roller has provided consulting and training in SFIA across Australia and New Zealand to a variety of public and private sector organisations and was involved with the SFIA Council, as well as contributing to the development of past SFIA versions.

“It is exciting to see that SFIA7 has now been launched, and that ValidateSkills.com’s ITSA tool covers off all the changes to skills and levels of experience in this latest update. We see SFIA as an invaluable tool in our transformation offering, helping organisations understand the skills required to embark on a Digital Transformation.”

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