Fast growth demands operations upgrade for global law firm

Turnaround time was critical for this systems and operations alignment. In only six weeks, 220 staff were on-boarded to a new case management and finance system following rapid growth through recent acquisitions.

Steps to effective change

Business readiness activities were led by selected 'power users' and assisted by DB Results' skilled change management practitioners. With their buy-in each power user was allocated staff in their business area to personally engage and support over the coming weeks.

Clear communications to raise awareness, town hall meetings to build participation, staff training to aid in system learning and proficiency, and structured support and reinforcement activities ensued to rapidly deploy the systems to the staff.

DB Results' fast-tracked approach meant staff were not only ready for the final migration but were on board with the strategic alignment of business operations across the law firm.

Company-wide support creates a successful system migration 

Two phases of the systems and workplace renewal preceded a final third phase that DBResults were recruited to manage.

Stability was a crucial concern of the client. For the growth and operations to stay on track, smooth transition and effective uptake of the new systems were necessary.

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