Rapidly connecting systems and organisations to unlock capital

An outcome focus, Agile approach and deep industry knowledge accelerated the implementation of a complex system to successfully manage the distribution of risk under a large reinsurance arrangement.

Integrating disconnected systems and data

Along with most large financial institutions, this organisation faced the challenge of having to tackle an ever growing set of disparate data, applications and technologies. Systems had accumulated and evolved over years of development, growth, business acquisition and integration projects.

During 2014, a regulatory requirement was issued to ensure that financial institutions held sufficient capital against debt levels from products such as mortgages. In order to achieve a reinsurance arrangement with an external organisation, it was decided to unlock capital and offload risk.

However, the organisation needed to rapidly deal with the multitude of disconnected systems and data in order to accurately manage a book of reinsurance between both organisations.

Both entities agreed that this solution needed to be in place within a six month period to meet aggressive business timelines and goals.

Industry expertise to deliver results

A high performance team with reinsurance domain knowledge was required to design and deliver a solution that would allow the reinsurance arrangements to commence.

Expertise was needed to help focus activities around the high priority features that had to be implemented to establish the right solution.

DB Results brought in a team to work collaboratively with business, technology and reinsurance partners to guide, define and agree to the right solution for delivery in this short timeframe.

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