Securing Our Digital Future

Published On: 27 July 2017
Written By: DB Results Marketing Team

DB Results successfully hosted the third event, "Securing our Digital future", in it's compelling Thought Leadership series.

DB Results has successfully hosted its 3rd Digital Insights symposium. This sought after event, held this week in Melbourne and Sydney, focussed on global growing Digital Insecurity and how to retain Digital Trust.

Industry commentator and recent CGU CIO Ian Frew, provided a stunning expose of the massive issues the world is encountering with the increasing levels of Digital Insecurity, whilst providing an array of evolving solutions. This was followed by Alex Taylor, CTO of BitPOS, who provided a layman's view of Block chain, it's incredible value (both real and potential) and its limitations. This was a captivating event.

DB Results runs this series to bring business leaders together to discuss the digital events evolving around us. As a group, we seek to better understand the oncoming challenges and share strategies to meet them. DB Results believes we have a responsibility to the generations following us, to structure and guide the oncoming societal change for the benefit of the many. This Digital Insights series is part of that responsibility in action.

The invitations for the next symposium, scheduled for November 2017, will be sent in August 2017. Please contact us if you would like to attend this fascinating Thought Leadership event.

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