Farewell 2017

Published On: 21 December 2017
Written By: Andrew Dean

Successfully delivering multiple technologies for our clients in 2017, has been a major part in DB Results success during the past year.

It's been the year of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cybersecurity, Digital, AI, and more. Successfully delivering multiple technologies for our clients in 2017, has been a major part in DB Results success during the past year. We felt that it was a timely opportunity while saying thank you for your continued support across the year, to let you know some of the things we have done in 2017 that may well help drive value for your business in 2018!

In Asia we've led the way in digital development using OutSystems and our off-shore development centre in the Philippines to deliver systems. These include digital customer self-service, safety system, Tele-Health, integration platform, wholesale self-service ordering, to name a few, across multiple industries including, Government, FMCG, Insurance, Superannuation, Utilities, Professional Services, and Health.

In Australia, we've been working with Blockchain to prevent fraud in the Insurance industry. Delivering Agile transformation for one of the major banks. Building a digital tele-health system that will help with the eradication of Hepatitis C. Creating some new products incorporating Robotics and AI for utilities, and ensuring a successful change management program for a food manufacturer.

On a major $30M government taxation program, we've been the Systems Integrator, delivered the Oracle PSRM (Public Sector Revenue Management) tax system, and incorporated off-shore development. We also delivered our SelfServe portal for Tax providing them with a new digital self-service capability and built a new Rental Bonds system from the ground up in OutSystems.

In the utilities world we've run and successfully delivered the Power of Choice SI program management for a large retailer, that has delivered the market and system changes required, under a changing regulatory environment. This required new interactions with the market operator, and significant changes to multiple systems, requiring the management of many IT vendors to deliver the changes and total solution.

Our digital insights breakfast series ran throughout the year, delivering a greater understanding for all, of "the impact of behavioural change on customers", "being prepared for cyber security", "how bitcoin works" and "the impact of blockchain into the future".

A sincere thank you to all our customers for your support this year. Your continued backing and the positive feedback we receive from you is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of everyone at DB Results, we wish you all the best for a safe, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Andrew Dean


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