Digital Disruption Transforming Health 

Published On: 11 June 2018
Written By: DB Results Marketing Team

No matter what industry you are in, how can digital, revolutionise your industry and put the customer at the centre?

DB Results successfully hosted its fifth Digital Insights symposium, "Digital Disruption Transforming Health".

Industry thought leaders, the RAH Head of Hepatology, Dr Eddie Tse, and DB Results' Head of Health, Rallas Buttriss, spoke about shaping the future of healthcare through digital transformation.

Digital Insights 5 addressed the mounting problems and costs of our current health industry, highlighting how digital can revolutionise chronic disease management.

Dr Tse demonstrated the world class digital health technology platform HealthElink, providing the audience direct insight into how HealthElink puts the patient at the centre and creates a digital healthcare network of health specialists and GPs around the patient to provide the best care and treatment.

Digital Insights 5 asked industry leaders in the room to consider, 'no matter what industry you are in, how can digital, revolutionise your industry and put the customer at the centre?'

In closing DB Results' CEO Gavin Bunshaw reflected on DB Results' exciting opportunity to influence and change an industry.

"We have a chance to bring expertise and learnings from Utilities and Financial Services to Health, and likewise, to take learnings back. Putting the patient at the centre is not that different to what we have been doing for years - which is to put the customer at the centre," Mr Bunshaw said.

"This is not unique to the Health Industry. This approach is what we should be taking across all industries. DB Results are at the stage where we don't do 18-month projects to find out if they are going to deliver the benefits. We have 3 months to get it out there, get feedback, and be able to modify and move forward, without having to rebuild it."

Digital Insights Series events are held quarterly in Sydney and Melbourne, bringing a deeper understanding of the Digital Age and sharing knowledge about how organisations are responding around the globe. Our intent is to help business leaders better understand the challenges they are facing and how to respond successfully to bring digital to the core of their organisations.

The next symposium will take place in August 2018 and will focus on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. If you would like to attend, please contact us at

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