We partner to deliver disruptive technologies and services solutions to solve our customers' challenges
Some of our fantastic partners include:
GE is bringing the Industrial Internet to life by connecting minds and machines. They combine decades of experience building innovative industrial machines with cutting-edge data science and analytics. GE Digital connects streams of machine data to powerful analytics and people, providing industrial companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently. They do this by leveraging Predix, a cloud-based operating system, purpose built for the unique needs of industry.
DB Results is the premier partner for OutSystems in Australia. OutSystems provides the world's leading Rapid Application Delivery platform - meticulously designed, engineered and crafted to move at the speed of today's digital business. Available as a cloud or on-premises solution, OutSystems Platform-as-a-Service is the fastest and most comprehensive way to create, deploy, change, and manage custom mobile and web applications. It delivers seamlessly across all devices.
DB Results is a long-standing preferred billing and revenue management service provider of Oracle. DB Results has implemented a wide range of Oracle solutions including Customer Care & Billing (CC&B), Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM), and Revenue Management & Billing (RMB).
We partner with SAS Institute and use SAS software suite to build data analytic solutions for banks. Banking customers reach regulatory compliance (Basel) with SAS. It also helps fight money laundering and other fraudulent activities. SAS software suite is a market leader in advanced data analytics, business intelligence and data management with advanced predictive analytic functions.
Blueprint provides a software solution that helps organisations build better business and software applications, de-risk and accelerate software projects. Blueprint brings the next-generation solution for collaboratively authoring, validating, and managing requirements. Blueprint ensures regulatory compliance, speed transition to Agile, better alignment between Business and IT and leverage seamless integration with leading ALM technologies.
Centricity provides a platform that turns customer views and opinions into daily actionable improvements and strategic business decisions to drive customer satisfaction results. Real time feedback is an essential part of helping our customers to analyse feedback and improve their customer's experience.

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