DB Results leads successful Solution Integration for major AMI remediation program

Published On: 21 November 2016
Written By: Utilities Group

DB Results provides industry leading architecture, design and integration services to remediate meter-to-market AMI solutions in complex regulatory environment.

DB Results recently completed a highly successful advisory and integration engagement, remediating one of the most complex AMI solutions seen globally. The engagement involved an initial technology assessment and a detailed design, followed by the remedial integration of the existing solution. In addition, to fix the existing solution, the compliance regime drove the need for the implementation of a second overarching communication's network to ensure a sustainable compliance service level for the customer.

At the commencement of the engagement the end-to-end solution had significant ongoing issues with reliability and non-functional performance, resulting in regulatory compliance issues. Remediation involved identifying the root cause of all issues, reengineering system components including meter and communications firmware, application software, infrastructure and eventual re-integration of all of those components. The recommendation and implementation of the second communication's network enabled meters in hard to reach areas to communicate reliably. This approach created much needed redundancy, should the primary communication's network experience failures as it reached end-of-life.

The remediated end-to-end solution now supports sustainable compliance and greater confidence, as the customer progresses through its next program of regulatory driven change.

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