DB Results gets behind the Connecting Gharbu Project 

Published On: 28 October 2016
Written By: Marketing Group

DB Results gets behind the Connecting Gharbu Project 

DB Results were proud to sponsor the Connecting Gharbu fundraising night, organised by the staff at one of their key banking customers

DB Results sponsored a charity trivia night on Wednesday 26th of October to raise funds for the Connecting Gharbu Project.

The event was organised by staff at one of our key banking customers in support of a fellow colleague's quest to improve education opportunities for the next generation in his home community in South Sudan.

Gharbu Island is painfully isolated from the mainland. There is no way for the people of Gharbu to easily travel across the river which separates them from Juba, South Sudan's capital. The river is wide and is home to many dangers such as snakes, crocodiles, strong currents and the unpredictable weather. This has wide reaching impacts, including making it near impossible for Gharbu's children to regularly attend school.

Funds raised will contribute to the purchase of a locally built, motorised boat, to allow the village of Gharbu to safely get their people to the mainland. Importantly this will help children to get to school and connect the island village to the rest of their region.

This project struck a chord with our staff working onsite with our customer as it aligned to our purpose, which is to support our customers, through the work that we do to:

  • Improve the people's personal health and well-being;
  • Create a sustainable environment;
  • Provide greater lifestyle experiences and choices; and
  • Reduce the number of people living in poverty.

The trivia night raised in excess of $8500 and has brought the project much closer to becoming a reality for the people of Gharbu.

More information on Connecting Gharbu can be found on the project's gofundme page at www.gofundme.com/gharbu and for more information on DB Results, please contact marketing@dbresults.com.au

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